App Deployment

Minus the Hosting Admin Headaches

Simplicity Is The Key

Simple enough for novice users but powerful enough for developers

Easy Management

One or multiple sites can easily be managed stress free.

Rapid Deployment

Reducing the time spent with setting up hosting then WordPress or an app. One click and your App is deployed.


Scale your site simply by adjusting your site resources plan without any interference.

Benefits of Cloud and VPS hosting

Your apps have the benefit of cloud hosting with VPS technology included. How this works is that your apps are container based. This allows your apps to be cloud hosted with isolation technology and dedicated resources of a VPS or private server.

This enables your app to be more secure and not have to fight for resources on a shared hosting plan, also allowing you to scale your site as your needs arise. Best of all no Hosting or server management on your end.

We handle the hosting infrastructure so you do not have to.

7 Day Free Trial Available

Perfect For Users or Web Developers

Reduce the amount of time it takes complete a project by

instantaneously launching a cost effective solution

Full Access To Manage Your Site

Even though we focus on being simple within our dashboard we provide tools for the more advanced user. With these tools can find:

  • Your ftp connection settings
  • A built in online code editor for developers
  • Root access to your app via our built in online ssh client
  • A command line log screen to view the status of your app
  • A simple one click option to backup your app
  • And more

7 Day Free Trial Available