BuddyPress & WooCommerce Site $12.99 / A Month

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Powerful Tools To Build Your Social Network

Starting a social site should not be that hard. This is why we put together a base social site using the 3 most powerful applications to form a winning team.By using BuddyPress, bbPress and Woocommerce you are sure to have a site that you can use for any type of social engagement.

The site comes loaded with the following features:

  • Site-wide Activity – So that you can display all your activity in the form of a Facebook Wall
  • Forums- To engage your user in conversations
  • Groups – Create unlimited groups based on user interest

Members Feature:

  • Like Facebook and other social media site each users gets there own page with user avatar and header banner.
  • Members can message each other
  • Like Twitter they can have the “mention” option
  • Members can “friend” each other

With the pre-selected template you can:

  • Categorize your content the way that best suits your need
  • Select which features of BuddyPress, bbPress or WooCommerce display on which page.

With WooCommerce out of the box these are the types of product that you can sell:

  • Simple Products – This is usually used for single items that you can ship
  • Variable Products – This is usually used for items where you can specify things like color & size.
  • Grouped Products – This is usually used if you are packaging one or more items together for a single price.
  • Downloadable Products – This is used to sell non tangible electronically downloaded products
  • Virtual Products – This can be used to sell things like services or membership
  • External/Affiliate Products –  This is used to sell items that you do not stock on your site but have either on another site or affiliate account with.