Having a site is just not enough, you need to make sure that you constantly have fresh content on your site. Updating your site from time to time helps. The one problem is that what happens to the clients that do not frequent your site. You have to find a way to attract these clients.

Besides hitting the pavement and getting traffic through word of mouth one of the ways to entice them to visit your site is to have a newsletter system. With this process you can send out specials or latest announcements that you would like your followers to know. Also depending on the newsletter system that you use you can even have your blog post sent out as a blog feed.

A newsletter system can be added one of two ways:

As a part of your site


As a separate newsletter system

Newsletters can either be sent out the moment you create them or can be set to send out at a later date. Which ever method you choose just make sure that the newsletter system you plan on using has all the features that you need to reach your maximum goal.