Looking to get your digital piece of the pie or have a great product that you would like to offer to the world. There are various parts to an online shop that allows you to not only choose how to display your products but also manage your stock and payment collection. Using WordPress together with WooCommerce the possibilities are endless.

What makes these two product together so great is the fact that there are endless amounts of plugins that are available for both and the list keeps on growing. WooCommerce allows you to sell in multiple ways:

Digital products – Products people purchase that are not physical items that can be downloaded and not shipped

physical products – Physical products that are purchased that are shipped 

virtual products – Products that are things like services that are not downloaded or shipped.

so no matter which method you choose WooCommerce can suit your needs. besides the basic shopping cart features there are plugins that can add addition features:

Looking to have an online catalog but not list prices or sell online well with WooCommerce Catalog this is possible. It will turn your site into an online catalog vs an eCommerce site.

Are you interested in starting an online mall or marketplace well with additional plugins that is possible.

Above are just some small examples of what is possible with WooCommerce and WordPress. Both of these products are being used by Large companies and users all over the world. By having a site with the combination of the two you will be able to create a beautiful site with endless functionality. Whether you have a WooCommerce site or are looking to start a Woocommerce site you can also signup here for our free WooCommerce 101 course that will walk you trough setting up and navigating WooCommerce.