App Packets

App Packets DO NOT include any websites or web apps installed on them. If you would like to deploy a pre-made app Click Here

Our application packets are perfect for the advanced user or developer that are looking to launch an app other then WordPress. Any app that is PHP based can be launched from our App Packet environment. By using our App Packet for the base for your project you are getting the following benefits:

  • Dedicated resources for your app (Not shared resources)
  • Enhanced security because your app is in it’s own secured location.**
  • Scale your app as the need arises without any interferance with the current running application.

Each App Packet comes loaded with the basic services to run a PHP app: 

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

To Get Started:

Load and configure your PHP app on top of the App Packet to get your project up and running quickly.

For more information on how to load your apps Click Here

** “Enhanced Security” refers to the isolation of your app and the security that we apply to your App Packet. Any apps that you load on top of it should also be hardened and checked by you or the third party vendor of the app you are installing.