Do you sell a product that would be considered a niche market? or do you sell alongside other sellers. If so just like an online flea market or online mall? then you should consider opening an online marketplace. With an online market place you can not only sell your products but you can have other vendors sign on to your site and sell their products also all while making a profit from every vendor sale on your site.

With WordPress and plugins like Woocommerce and WC Marketplace this is possible. With these types of setup your site will be transformed into a multi-store or multi-vendor eCommerce ecosystem like Amazon or Etsy allowing people to sell items on your site all while you are making commissions on your sales and theirs.

Setting up your own online store is one thing but when you start a online marketplace it is like having a team of distributors and marketers. Every vendor that you have on your site will also be adding to the marketing of your site for the simple fact of them wanting to sell their products. Also by setting up an online marketplace you are offing your potential visitors a larger selection of products which in turn will entice them to come back to your site.