OK so you have your website but how are you capturing your leads and keeping in contact or informing your customers? you might place certain specials on your site or post updates to you website blog but the problem with that is that not everyone visits your site everyday. The is where a newsletter system comes in to play.

There are many newsletter systems out there but one of them that caught our attention was “The Newsletter Plugin”. This newsletter plugin has everything that a user would need to operate an outstanding newsletter. The best part of it is that it is free. Composing a newsletter is as easy as writing a blog post. With about 10 templates to choose from these templates can be modified with ease to achieve any look and feel. What makes this plugin so amazing is that newsletters can either be save as a draft, sent after completion or scheduled to be sent at a specific date and time.

This is only the tip of the ice burg, the plugin also has a whole range of addons that can be added that expands its features for only about $44 for the year. That includes support and updates for the year. For this price you get some incredible features added.

  • Enhanced Reports– This will give you a better view of your statistics on delivered emails, reporting based on gender, opened email reporting and more.
  • Feed by Mail– This one alone is worth the money, it allows you to setup your blog post or other content to be sent out as a newsletter automatically on a schedule that you set up with out ever having to manually create the newsletter.
  • Followup– Ok so you made a sale or you have a new customer that signed up for a subscription, well now you would have to send out an email to the client from time to time as a follow up. Well not any more with this feature you can set up a certain amount of predefined autoresponder follow up emails to be sent out on a schedule that you setup. Just imagine what you are going to do with that free time now.
  • Facebook Subscription– This allows your customers that are browsing your Facebook site to signup to your newsletter from Facebook. How much better can it get then that!
  • WooCommerce Integration– you can have the plugin setup where all customers that make a purchase automatically get enrolled to your newsletter or you can give them the option at checkout.
  • Popup extension– looking to grab you browsers attention this this feature you can have a pop that will display giving your users a chance to subscribe to your mailing list.
  • Amazon SES integration– This one is one of our favorite, if you are hosting your website with a host that has limitations on how many emails can be sent out then this is the plugin for you. Besides using that standard smtp service that your hosting provider gives you with this plugin you can use Amazon SES to deliver all your emails for your newsletter that way not having to worry about web host limitations. Amazon SES service is very reasonable and is pennies on the dollar. At first sign up with Amazon you will be able to send out about close to 50,000 emails a day.

These above are just some of the features that The Newsletter Plugin can do. We love this plugin so much that we use it ourselves. For a detailed break down of all it’s features we suggest that you head over to their site and see for yourself. Their site can be found at http://thenewsletterplugin.com if you do end up purchasing let them know that you heard it from Goalpha.com