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WordPress, Divi & WooCommerce A Winning Team

This web site is pre-installed with The Divi Theme Builder

Using the built in Divi page editor you can break your pages into:

  • Rows
  • Sections
  • Use the drag & drop feature
  • Edit your site live using the visual editor to get a better idea of the outcome
  • Easily add images, scrolling blog section. videos, blurbs, page headers and more… to any section of your page.

The Power of WooCommerce

If you are going to open an online shop then you should start your base shop with one of the most chosen eCommerce platforms by majority users and major companies. The reason WooCommerce is so loved is because of its capability to expand like WordPress which makes it a perfect fit.

Out of the box these are the type of products that you can sell:

  • Simple Products – This is usually used for single items that you can ship
  • Variable Products – This is usually used for items where you can specify things like color & size.
  • Grouped Products – This is usually used if you are packaging one or more items together for a single price.
  • Downloadable Products – This is used to sell non tangible electronically downloaded products
  • Virtual Products – This can be used to sell things like services or membership
  • External/Affiliate Products –  This is used to sell items that you do not stock on your site but have either on another site or affiliate account with.

WooCommerce Does Not Stop There

They have a whole ecosystem built around WooCommerce with hundreds of plugins that can expand the capabilities of your shop. Anything from:

  • Payment Gateways – to collect funds
  • Scheduling & Booking Plugins
  • Plugins to change the way products look
  • Plugins to add functionality to the backend to improve the way you process orders
  • Plugins to change your site from an eCommerce shop to a Catalog site.
  • And many more….